Antonio Moruno Hernán

Technical Lead

Since I was a kid, I always loved technology. I always knew that my professional career would have to be related. In 2014, I started out as a programmer in the CRM world, evolving as fast as the solution I was working on, Salesforce. Since then, I have gone on learning and adjusting to the improvements and new products, especially Aura Components and Lightning Web Components, although the list is endless. I love training and guiding developers and hope they can walk a similar road to the one I covered. As well as technology, I like reading, videogames, hanging out with my friends and family and, above all, the gym. Mens sana in corpore sano.

"Have you searched Google?"




Developments on Salesforce CRM, consulting and implementation of Marketing Cloud. Development of the registration platform for new restaurants and automation of communications to partners.

Grupo Bizpills

Consulting and implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud and Pardot. Support to daily operation and CPQ optimization. Development of complex campaigns or processes.