Beltran Gonzalez Panizo

Marketing Cloud Coach

When a publicist switches from account executive to marketing automation technician, you might ask how they got there. The story started with a Mad-Men-style American dream, where I discovered the importance of technology applied to business. After several years of managing a series of Marketing Automation brands and software suites at several agencies, I decided to specialize in the Salesforce ecosystem… And Cloud Coachers was the best place to do this. A place that not only trains externally but is also committed to internal training. We all help each other on a multidisciplinary level in a collaborative environment with good vibes. Each one of us is different, but the pick-and-mix is crucial. As to hobbies, I guess they are pretty ordinary. Sometimes I am a photographer, sometimes a snowboarder, and others a 6th level elf cleric 😉

"Coffee and cookies work wonders."




Consulting and implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Social Studio. 360 vision of the client and automation of daily Newsletter sends.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation. Automation of transactional emails and SMS and integration with their platform.