Blanca Escalera Alguacil

Marketing Cloud Manager

In the last 10 years, I have worked at corporate Marketing departments in several countries. I worked in many industries, from musical producers to agencies, and the most technical companies, to iGaming and ecommerce. My expertise is developing strategies for Customer Engagement and Marketing Automation, a hybrid of strategy, technology, and creativity. In the past years, I have specialized in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Datorama, and have six product certifications and two official instructor certifications.

At Cloud Coachers, I discovered my passion for education and solving problems which might seem impossible to resolve. I think that with optimism and a good attitude you can rule the world.

Outside work, I love my cat Birgu, mountain climbing and travelling, reggae, white wine and my friends and family. And I am an antsy pants.

"Come on, this is child's play."




Developments on Salesforce CRM, consulting and implementation of Marketing Cloud. Development of the registration platform for new restaurants and automation of communications to partners.

Fundación Laboral de la Construcción

Change management project for the Service and Sales teams, of over 100 people; support in the go-live of Salesforce CRM and reingeneering of the initial project to evolve Salesforce to the standard and best practises; Consulting and implementation of Pardot.


Consulting and Implementation of Salesforce Pardot and Advertising Studio. Audience generation from Sales Cloud. Campaign automation.

Grupo Bizpills

Consulting and implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud and Pardot. Support to daily operation and CPQ optimization. Development of complex campaigns or processes.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting and Implementation. Integration with their platform and automation of communications to Streamers and Viewers.