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Carlos Campillo Gállego

Salesforce Cloud Coach

More than 7 years have gone by since I heard the word “Salesforce” the first time, and I assure you I never knew how much it was going to change my professional future…
My career started as an intern at one of the Big Four firms. After 4 years, where I had many roles in the projects I worked on, I decided it was time for a change of scene.
I do not want to go on to long, but one noteworthy (and uncommon) highlight is my participation in the Salesforce community and dreamOlé (http://dreamole.es/), where I hope to see you all!

"Lord, give me strength."




Consulting and implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot. Developments on Salesforce. Automation of sending communications.


Consulting and implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Social Studio. 360 vision of the client and automation of daily Newsletter sends.