Cristina Muñoz Valdivia

Salesforce Cloud Coach

My involvement in the Salesforce world kicked off in February 2007. Back then, I was self-training with its 700-page “”Administrator Guide””. How many pages would it have now if 500 had been added for every release since then? Oh, my goodness!
Since then I have worked as a functional consultant on implementation projects and maintenance, I have trained and assisted in the creation of teams with CapGemini and PwC. I have managed projects and carried out sales work. Adding to this experience, I also assisted in the field of change adoption and management.

I like to be constantly training. To bolster my CRM knowledge, I study Client Experience and psychology. As to other more trivial interests, I like the beauty and makeup artist world, and I am constantly learning about it.

"I firmly believe in (and try to embody) excellence in "People Experience"




Consulting and implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot. Developments on Salesforce. Automation of sending communications.

Mutua Madrileña

Change Management Project aimed at 125 users dedicated to customer counselling: post-sale cases resolution and new product cross-selling.

Grupo Bizpills

Consulting and implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud and Pardot. Support to daily operation and CPQ optimization. Development of complex campaigns or processes.


Implementation of Salesforce CRM for their inside sales and a Partner Community for the external sales teams.