Jesús Iglesias Otero

Marketing Cloud Coach

My career has focused on CRM, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and the associated platforms for quite a few years now. I an especially fond of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This has been a relationship nurtured with time. And you know what they say about nature vs nurture 😉

I have worked in various sectors, learning, and trying to learn as much as possible about each of them. The good things and the not-so-good ones. Because everything is a learning experience. Especially when there is “”trouble””. Managing difficult moments has become a must in our environment.

I was born in Galicia (Forza Depor!!). I am quite a geek (a classic), and an amateur sport player, with a recent fixation about Paddle Tennis. But I take everything in my stride.

Crazy about versatility as a virtue, both personally and professional.

Jesús Iglesias Otero

"You call it crazy. I call it added value."




Developments on Salesforce CRM, consulting and implementation of Marketing Cloud. Development of the registration platform for new restaurants and automation of communications to partners.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting and Implementation. Integration with their platform and automation of communications to Streamers and Viewers.

Fundación Laboral de la Construcción

Change management project for the Service and Sales teams, of over 100 people; support in the go-live of Salesforce CRM and reingeneering of the initial project to evolve Salesforce to the standard and best practises; Consulting and implementation of Pardot.


Implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Social Customer Service. Management of the entire customer life cycle. Support in the strategy, development and daily operation.