Txema Urdiain Martínez


They say all roads lead to Rome… After studying Physical Activity and Sport Instruction, and then Industrial Mechatronics and Development of Multiplatform Applications, I finally found my way. It all started at Accenture, where I was an intern working on a solution I learned about in my training: Salesforce. After the internship, an opportunity allowed me to put everything I had learned into practice. I have been working since 2019 as a Salesforce developer. I think I am a versatile person. I love learning about almost anything. I enjoy fiddling around with things, assembling, and disassembling them. Whaaat? Well, for instance, making my own lamp at home by printing the pieces needed with a 3D printer, cooking recipes from a fantasy book, taking my PC apart and re-assembling it on the wall like an artwork, drawing…

"Where others see difficulties, I see learning"