Iñaki Hernando Urcullu


I started my career in the Salesforce world back in 2005, working for Aborda, the first partner there was in Spain. You cannot imagine what Salesforce was like back then… But there were already accounts, contacts, opportunities… And a lot of potential! Since then I am entirely dedicated to Salesforce, so I think I am one of the most veteran developers in Spain. I am currently working as a Salesforce Architect and I am the CTO at Cloud Coachers. I juggle my job with looking after a growing family, which is undoubtedly the most complex project of all!

"OK, I'll see to it this afternoon."




Developments on Salesforce CRM, consulting and implementation of Marketing Cloud. Development of the registration platform for new restaurants and automation of communications to partners.


Implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and daily operation of the tool: help in the strategy, design and management of automated campaigns, customer journeys, data mining.


Implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Social Customer Service. Management of the entire customer life cycle. Support in the strategy, development and daily operation.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation. Automation of transactional emails and SMS and integration with their platform.