Talent Brokers

We build

We select the best business, marketing or technology professionals to transform them into professionals specialized in Cloud Computing and Salesforce, and reinject them into the job market with the most demanded knowledge.

Team Search

We help organizations in the process of creating and transforming their teams.

Training and qualification

We train and guarantee the certification of the selected professionals.

Job vacancies

We provide our clients with access to our pool of trained professionals.

Looking for a job?

Whether you are starting in the job market or looking for a new job, we can help you. We guide and train you through our Cloud Coaches program to improve your employability. The goal is for you to find a new job opportunity that allows you to continue growing and developing professionally in the Cloud world.

Are you looking
for trained

We put you in contact with certified professionals in Cloud technologies, and we carry out direct search processes to find professionals that fit your needs. If that profile needs additional training, we take care of designing a learning path so that they join the company with the necessary skills.


We design team reskilling plans, with the aim of adapting their technical skills to the needs of the organization. Through agile methodologies, we carry out an employee journey that allows teams to adapt to new tecnological needs.