Juani Urbano Jódar

Salesforce Cloud Coach

Following my university training in a completely different industry, in 2016 I decided to get involved in the CRM world, where I learned about Salesforce. It allowed me to combine two things I am enthusiastic about: innovation and helping people. After being at companies where I was able to collaborate on multinational projects, I joined Cloud Coachers. At this firm, I can provide value and learn a lot in high-level projects, train people and motivate them to learn more about the Salesforce microcosmos.
As to personal tastes, I love discovering new restaurants (I have more than 1,500 on my list) and cooking, above all, as it helps me to free my mind.

"What's for lunch today?"



Fundación Laboral de la Construcción

Change management project for the Service and Sales teams, of over 100 people; support in the go-live of Salesforce CRM and reingeneering of the initial project to evolve Salesforce to the standard and best practises; Consulting and implementation of Pardot.


Consulting and implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Social Studio. 360 vision of the client and automation of daily Newsletter sends.