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Our mission at Cloud Coachers is to offer you the best Salesforce training. Since we started out in 2016, we have not stopped until standing out as a leading partner in Spain (Key Partner in the Salesforce Ecosystem). We share and learn with people trusting us to build a solid training foundation in a constantly evolving and expanding technology.

What can you expect from our Salesforce Marketing Cloud courses? Below you will find some of the ingredients Cloud Coaches formula.

1 – Quality: train with the best
For Cloud Coachers training is our passion. Because of this, only Salesforce certified professionals deliver our courses. Your trainers are not solely certified in the subject you are going to study (this is a given!) but they have also been through comprehensive and exclusive education to become certified Salesforce trainers.
Not only that, our trainers bring together training at the highest level with strategic consultancy and participation in projects. This allows us to enhance our courses with real cases and solutions to common problems in Marketing Cloud projects.

Most of our students are freelance professionals, and agencies and consultants trusting us to train their teams, and some are end clients who want to learn how to use the tool to make their investment worth it.

2 – 100% pass rate. The best training means results.
A question that might be troubling you is: “AND WHAT IF I FAIL?” The answer is that we will keep on working until you succeed.
Once you have attended the training, with your time and dedication, and our advice, you will reach your certification goal. Your success is ours and our priority is that you hit a home run.

3 – Bespoke training. Have you never worked with Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Do not worry! Tell us where you are starting out and we will guide you until you get certified.
Do not be surprised if your group comprises different levels of experience, both in marketing automation and knowledge of SFDC or Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You may have just finished a master’s degree in Digital Marketing or, after 25 years in Marketing, you may want to update your knowledge. In both scenarios, this is a great opportunity to discover a whole new ballgame. Moreover, the syllabus is ample and interesting enough for all students to learn and reach the main objective of studying for the certification with guarantees and joining Salesforce Marketing Cloud projects.
If you are a company or a consultancy firm and you need services fitting your special needs, we can also help you.

4 – Small groups: no more than 10 students.
Cloud Coachers believe close and customized treatment is a must. We would rather take our time with our students. The learning dynamic is more like a work group than a masterclass. Over the years, we have learned that our students can maintain high attention and participation levels when there are no more than 10 students per class.

5 – At least 30 days of access to a real Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment so that you can replicate the course activities whenever you need to.
Perhaps you are not aware yet, but one of the differences of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is that there is no demo area and, regrettably, no free or demo accounts are available right now. Cloud Coachers gives you access to a real Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment allowing you to replicate and repeat the practical activities done on the course.

6 – Active participation: it does not matter how much you know about Salesforce or Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Your questions and collaboration are a key part of the learning process.
No two courses are alike, because there are not two working groups that are the same. So far, we have discussed the role of trainers in courses, but another key element is your participation. By doing the activities, sharing your questions (and, no, there is no such thing as a dumb question!) you will play a key role in the collective learning process, helping us all to improve.

7 – Practical exercises from day one.
With our courses you learn and acquire knowledge. Your priority might be learning to use a product or getting a certification. Or you might need to offer a solution to a client who has just hired Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Irrespective of your situation, combining knowledge theory and practical knowledge makes learning easier. Cloud Coachers believe it is paramount that you have the know-how to work with the tool from the get-go. Theory and practice march together in our training, mirroring real work scenarios.

Additionally, our exercises are based on real situations, drawing from our experience as consultants and teachers.

8 – Online support until you certify.
At Cloud Coachers we start out with you from the first day of your training and we will stay with you (at least) until you gain your certification. We will answer all your questions about the syllabus or studying for the certification as many times as required.

9 – Laughter and humor.
“If you can make someone laugh with you, you can make someone learn with you.” This quote is from Brian Richardson, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud trainer with more than 10 years’ experience.
At Cloud Coachers we are used to dealing with different profiles, and most folks are under high stress levels. For our part, we do our best to ensure you forget these concerns and you can make the most out of our course. In our arsenal, we have corny jokes, anecdotes to share, and leisure pursuits ranging from TLOTR to Canary Islands’ folklore.
Learning and working hard do not mean you cannot enjoy yourself too.

10 – Networking: use the opportunity of being part of a community
At Cloud Coachers training may be the first contact, but we want to do much more. Maybe it is just the beginning. A good excuse to improve our knowledge, share experiences and learn and collaborate with others.
Our passion for training can only be understood through one value: sharing what we know with the people around us.
This is why we decided to create ES B2C Marketers Group, the first user group of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in Spain (in Madrid, where our offices are located). This group is not just for Cloud Coachers alumni. Instead, it is open to anyone wanting to remain informed about the latest updates the tool offers, to share challenges and solutions with other professionals. It is also a good opportunity to stay in touch with “trade” colleagues and have a good time.

Our brief outline ends here. Although this post is about Salesforce Marketing Cloud, our values are the same across all our courses. At Cloud Coachers our training covers the entire spectrum of the Salesforce ecosystem. However, if you are a marketer, here you will find a list of all the specific courses we can offer you:

  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
  2. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Specialist.
  3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
  4. Pardot Specialist
  5. Pardot Consultant
  6. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein: Einstein Web and Email Recommendations

If you want to find out more about our courses, do not hesitate to contact us for a no commitment consultation.

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