Why do you need Salesforce training?

Here are 4 reasons to get Salesforce training:

  • 1. Innovative projects

Artificial Intelligence is already a reality in Salesforce products. Predictive algorithms assist clients in decision-taking, providing a differential value for business processes. Do not forget that Salesforce was recognized as the most innovative company in the decade.

  • 2. Staying abreast of changes

Salesforce compels you to be constantly up-to-date, aware of any changes. The Certification Track (with no less than 29 certifications) means you can make the most of your knowledge of the various solutions. Besides, Salesforce is making Trailhead fully available to us. This totally free training platform means you never stop learning.

  • 3. Professionals in demand

Analyzing employment figures, we find that there are some 300,000 vacancies demanding Salesforce skills worldwide. The target is that by 2020, more than two million people will have worked in this ecosystem. In Spain, there are now some 3,600 professionals working in the Salesforce world. Official data released in May 2017 said that the figure is expected to reach 15,000 professionals in 2020. This demand for over 11,000 professionals indicates that there is enough room in this niche for those just starting out in their professional careers and for people retraining in a new professional environment. Many different professionals work in the Salesforce world, and there is scope for people holding a variety of skills and qualifications.

  • 4. Spectacular eventsU2 at Dreamfest 16

Salesforce events will leave no one unimpressed. At the Essentials events you can discover the latest product news, client success stories, POCs and specialized workshops. And you can do all of this surrounded by live concerts, stilt walkers, table soccer, and photocalls to add a festive touch to the day. The most important worldwide event is held once a year in San Francisco. Dreamforce 2016 welcomed more than 170,000 guests and, among other shows, there was a U2 concert.

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